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Establishment of companies IKE, SA
Christina Karazisi Notary Public of Athens

The Athens Notary, Christina Karazisi, undertakes with professionalism and experience the formation of Private Capital Companies (IKE) and Limited Companies (SA), offering specialized legal services that meet the needs and preferences of her clients.

Incorporation requires careful planning and execution, as well as compliance with the laws and regulations governing the operation of corporations. Christina Karazisi undertakes the preparation of the necessary legal documents and the processing of the administrative procedures required for the establishment of a company, ensuring that the process will be complete and correct.

Private Capital Companies (PECs) are a flexible and popular form of company in Greece, while Limited Companies (SA) are suitable for larger business plans and activities. Christina Karazisi focuses on analyzing the specific needs and goals of her clients, proposing the appropriate legal company structure and providing the necessary consulting for making the appropriate decisions.

By constantly updating herself on legislative changes and best practices in the field, Christina Karazisi ensures that the companies that are set up will operate in accordance with the law and protect the interests of their shareholders and co-founders. With the continuous support and consulting of Christina Karazisis, businesses can start their business safely and successfully.