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Cohabitation Agreement
Christina Karazisi Notary Public of Athens

Cohabitation Agreements are an important legal service dealing with issues relating to cohabitation between individuals, whether they are couples or individuals wishing to determine their legal rights and obligations as cohabitants.

A cohabitation agreement is a legal document that records the agreements and arrangements between two or more people who live together but are not legally married. Christina Karazisi, as an experienced notary public, offers the drafting and drafting of the cohabitation agreement, taking into account the special needs and preferences of the interested parties.

The cohabitation agreement may include matters such as financial arrangements, joint financial obligations, rights and obligations in relation to joint property, as well as the care and welfare of the parties concerned. Christina Karazisi ensures that the cohabitation agreement will be in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and will protect the rights and interests of the cohabiting parties.



With her experience and expertise in the field, Christina Karazisi offers customized legal solutions and services
that respond to the needs and preferences of its clients, ensuring the processing of the cohabitation agreement with professionalism, reliability and accuracy.