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Inheritances - Wills
Christina Karazisi Notary Public of Athens

The service of inheritances and wills provided by the Athens Notary, Christina Karazisi, is an important and sensitive area of her legal activity. Christina Karazisi, as an experienced notary, undertakes the management of inheritances and the drafting of wills with professionalism, precision and respect for the special needs and wishes of her clients.

The probate and probate process involves drafting legal documents that determine how and how to distribute a person's property after their death. Christina Karazisi carefully examines the special conditions and special needs of her clients, offering personalized solutions that meet their wishes.

Based on the possible different situations and conditions included in an inheritance or a will, Christina Karazisi prepares the corresponding legal documents, such as wills, inheritance decrees and other necessary documents related to the transfer of property and the distribution of inheritances.

With her careful and specialized approach, Christina Karazisi ensures that the inheritance and wills procedures will be complete, legal and accurate, offering the necessary support and professional advice to her clients in this difficult and sensitive area of the law.