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Consensual Divorces
Christina Karazisi Notary Public of Athens

Consensual divorces are an important legal process that the Athens Notary, Christina Karazisi, undertakes to handle. Divorce by consent is an alternative procedure to the classic judicial divorce procedure and requires the consent and agreement of the spouses regarding the arrangements for property, children and other issues related to their divorce.

Christina Karazisi, as an experienced notary, undertakes to prepare and draw up the divorce agreement between the spouses, taking into account their special needs and preferences. This process includes determining the terms and arrangements regarding property, custody and care of the children, as well as other important issues related to their divorce.

With the professional and ethical approach that distinguishes her, Christina Karazisi ensures that the divorce agreement will be legal, correct and sufficient to protect the interests and rights of the parties concerned. Through her extensive experience in the field of consensual divorces, Christina Karazisi ensures a smooth and efficient divorce process, offering her clients personalized and professional legal services that meet their needs and preferences.